The pictures in the photo gallery were taken during our stay in Mumbai.

Our founder Zuhal Binici met with her good friend Sanket from the NGO Robin Hood Army in Mumbai. Robin Hood Army is a zero-funds volunteer organisation that works to get surplus food from restaurants and communities to serve the less fortunate, including the homeless.

Zuhal Binici was in Mumbai…

More than 6 million children die before they turn 15.

says Levels and Trends in Child Mortality: Report 2019 by UNICEF and World Health Organization

" There are too many inequalities in children’s survival chances."

Children’s chances of survival depend on where they are born or who their parents are. Millions of children across the world are homeless, hungry and have lost their parents due to conflict. Education and culture are important weapons to improve children’s chances for a better future, as well as ensuring their social mobility and respect. I believe that by teaching children to read and write and by providing access to information and knowledge, children will be able to fly not only into new worlds, but will also discover their potential in society. Light-Up International is a transformation tool for these children to feel welcome and empowered. And there is no limit for a child who discovers what they can dream and achieve!
Victor Drummond

Journalist and Marketer

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