our goals

Our primary goal is to bring some “LIGHT & HOPE” into the lives of children and young people living in difficult conditions in developing countries (e.g., street children in India or orphans in Turkey).
These children should be given the opportunity to experience a fraction of the “normality” that children and young people in developed countries experience.
We believe that ALL children and adolescents from birth to adulthood WORLDWIDE deserve the chance of a healthy physical and mental development.

All children should therefore have access to:

• a certain level of protection,
• an adequate level of education,
• a balanced nutrition,
• regular health examinations (check-ups),
• personal hygiene education,
• education in many more fields.

While these are considered to be essential for children and young people living in developed countries today, this is not the case for children living in developing countries.

Our team LIGHT-UP INTERNATIONAL e.V. would like to make a small BUT important contribution to improve the lives of children and young people in developing countries, such as India, together WITH YOUR SUPPORT.

Our donations to children and young people in the developing world relate to the points mentioned above and will expand over time, depending on children’s needs in these countries.

Pictures from Mumbai (India)

These pictures were taken in spring 2018, during the research work “What are the differences between social work with street children in India and Germany?”, In cooperation with

Rupali Goswami, Manager – Campaigns & Communication (South) at Save the Chidren, India

Shraddha Chonkar (Hamara Foundation), Designation – Project, India &

Sanket Pawar – Volunteer at Robin Hood Army, India.

These pictures are only intended to give you a glimpse into the world of children and young people in developing countries.

"We live in a time when all people in this world must have access to education, clean drinking water, enough food and basic medical care!

That is why I like to support projects that are dedicated to this goal. Thank you “Light-Up International”!
Elias Koller

Consultant / Head of External Relations

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