Our projects aim to bring some “LIGHT & HOPE” into the lives of children living in difficult conditions (e.g., street children in India or orphans in Turkey).

Below you can find more details related to the individual projects, e.g., LIGHT-UP MUMBAI.

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Donating solar lamps and ear plugs to street children.

Donating school material to socially disadvantaged orphans.

Nearly 385 million children
are living in extreme poverty.

says joint World Bank Group – UNICEF study

"That is devastating to me!"

At Light-Up International we will do all we can to give them a better future. Children should never starve or not have a house to live in. Children deserve a worthy life with appropriate studies and comfort at home. This is the only way we can see a real future for our world.
Fabio Von Der Liebl

Designer, Art Director und Investor

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