According to statistics from Action Aid India, there are currently almost 40,000 children living on the streets of Mumbai, India. They live on street corners, sleeping in cardboard boxes, in train stations and under bridges. These children experience the harshness of street life and are exposed to difficult weather conditions already at a very tender age. Concepts like security and education are mostly unknown to them.

This is exactly what we want to address with our LIGHT-UP Mumbai project. We aim to make a small but decisive contribution to ensure that at least some children will have better access to education and at the same time feel more secure.

What does our project involve and what is our goal?

Initially we want to deliver 80 solar lamps designed by the artist Olafur Eliasson and 80 ear plugs to Mumbai and hand them over to the children with careful instructions. Our aim is to give children access to light, especially in parts of the city where there is hardly any illumination and where background street noise is at high levels, so-called focal points of the city. Moreover, we want to encourage children to read and learn using the solar lamps and earplugs and, at the same time, discourage them from resorting to drugs, violence and crime. The solar lamps should also help them to go the toilet safely. In a figurative sense, the LIGHT represents HOPE for an end to street life.

What do the solar lamps look like?

How does the project work?

This is where YOU come into play. The LIGHT-UP team would like to ask for your financial support. In spring/summer 2021 Zuhal Binici will travel to Mumbai with 80 solar lamps and 80 sets of ear plugs. She will distribute them with the help of our local partners and show the children how to use them.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are currently unable to set an exact date. Thank you for your understanding!

Local Partners

Rupali Goswami, Manager – Campaigns & Communication (South) at Save the Children, India

Shraddha Chonkar (Hamara Foundation), Designation – Project, India.

Information for companies and private individuals

Our organisation LIGHT-UP INTERNATIONAL e.V. will be happy to send you a tax receipt for your donations at the end of the year.

For this purpose, please contact Ms. Binici by e-mail:

If you have any further questions, comments or queries on how you can get involved to ensure a better future for street children in India, please contact us at any time:

Zuhal Binici



MVZ Chirurgicum Berlin GmbH

Pictures from Mumbai (India)

These pictures were taken in spring 2018, during research work on the topic “What differences are there between social work with street children in India and Germany?”, in cooperation with

Rupali Goswami, Manager – Campaigns & Communication (South) at Save the Children, India

Shraddha Chonkar (Hamara Foundation), Designation – Project, India &

Sanket Pawar – volunteer at Robin Hood Army, India.

Project Light – Up Mumbai (Indien)

Sehr gern würden wir Ihnen unser Bildungsförderungsprogramm durch die Zuwendung von Solarlampen und Ohropax an Straßenkindern in Mumbai –Indien vorstellen.

Project Light Up ist das Bestreben, das Leben von Straßenkindern in Mumbai (Indien) durch positive Interventionen zu beeinflussen. Durch die Bereitstellung von Solarlampen und Ohrstöpseln möchten wir eine Umgebung schaffen, in der die Schüler*innen nach Sonnenuntergang effektiv lernen können und in der Nacht einen sicheren Toilettengang haben.

Laut Statistiken von Action Aid India leben derzeit fast 40.000 Kinder auf den Straßen von Mumbai. Sie leben an Straßenecken unter Kartons, in Bahnhöfen, unter Brücken und haben bereits früh im Leben mit essentiellen Herausforderungen zu kämpfen.
Werte wie Sicherheit und Bildung sind ihnen unbekannt. Genau das wollen wir mit unserem LIGHT-UP- Projekt angehen und einen kleinen, aber entscheidenden Beitrag leisten, damit einige Kinder besseren Zugang zu Unterrichtsmaterial haben und sich gleichzeitig sicherer fühlen.

An dieser Stelle kommen SIE ins Spiel. Das LIGHT-UP Team bittet Sie um die finanzielle Mithilfe, das Teilprojekt „Solarlampen/Ohropax“ im Frühjahr 2021 zu realisieren.

Unsere Gründerin Zuhal Binici wird mit 80 Solarlampen und 80 Ohropax ́s (4.912,75€) nach Mumbai reisen um dort mit unseren lokalen Partnern die Solarlampen und Ohropax ́s verteilen.

Unsere lokalen Partner, Impact On The Ground, Hamara Foundation und Save The Children India, arbeiten seit einigen Jahren und Jahrzehnten mit diesen Kindern zusammen und haben eine sehr enge Beziehung zur Gemeinschaft aufgebaut.

Which project would you like to LIGHT UP? Would you like to find out more about the projects? Please click on the lightbulb of your choice.

Donating solar lamps and ear plugs to street children.

Donating school material to socially disadvantaged orphans.

I will treasure the shining, grateful eyes of children in need in Mumbai (after receiving a small donation) as one of the most beautiful memories of my life, my mind and my heart!

As Europeans, we are blessed with good fortune and have the privilege of enjoying a certain standard of education. As far as it is in my power, I see it as my calling to support children and young people worldwide, who are not blessed with such fortune and privilege, by making my own contribution!

Zuhal Binici

Founder and director of LIGHT-UP INTERNATIONAL e.V. and social worker

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